Auckland Tram Map

Auckland once boasted one of the largest electric tram networks in the country, carrying a 100 million passengers anually at its height. Surprisingly few Aucklanders realise the size and the extend of area it once serviced (if they know of it at all). The 72km network was dismantled between 1949 and 1956 in the name of modernisation and replaced with diesel and trolley buses.

The map is a recreate of the network as it once was but in a contemporary, ‘metro’ style – a format that we are familiar with and know how to read and intuitively understand.

The diagram is an accurate representation of all the routes that were in operation. However it shows the full extent of the network as it existed from 1887-1956. So some routes like the north shore lines would not have all existed at the same time. Some liberties were also taken around stops and ‘interchanges’ as not much information exists on these.

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Prints of the map are available for purchase. Please contact Cornelius Blank.